About Montessori

"Only the best for the smallest" — Dr. Maria Montessori.

At Trulove Montessori, our primary aim is to assist the total development of a child's personality (social, emotional, physical, etc.), so he or she will be better prepared to adapt to like and to adjust to the changing conditions of her or his environment.

Montessori compared to a traditional preschool

  • Montessori provides a child-centered environment.
  • All activities are sized for children and are at their level.
  • The teacher prepares the environment, observes the children, presents new activities and guides their inner energies.
  • A Montessori classroom has a three-hour work cycle: uninterrupted time every day where children choose what to work on.

Work is simply the child's action on the environment: putting a puzzle together, building a tower, scrubbing an apple, making tea, looking at a book, painting a picture, etc.

Montessori provides real and purposeful activities such as food preparation, caring for plants, sewing and outdoor activities. This is to develop the intelligence through the work of the hand, encourage concentration and engage the children's interest.

Montessori provides a multi-age program

  • A multi-age classroom setting fosters collaboration and cooperation.
  • It enables the older children to gain confidence through teaching younger children.
  • It enables younger children to learn from older children.
  • Montessori provides child-chosen activities and self-paced learning.

Children learn best when they are interested.