This phone doesn’t text!?


As you browse the practical life shelves at TM, you may notice an old green phone . So old that " it isn't touch screen and can't even text." According to one of my angelic children.

We live in such a digital age, I'm afraid our children may grow up without knowing the proper way to answer the phone... Or understand sometimes texting just isn't always an option.  The idea came to me when my darling 3 year old wanted to " text Merrick to see if she wanted to go out on  a date.  "  I responded, " no girl is going to say yes to a date through text, pick up the phone. "

For the next few weeks, the kiddos will practice how to: answer the phone, ask for someone, and take messages... and I guess ask their future spouses out on dates. 😉

Some people may say manners are dead, but not here at Trulove!